Multiple Entry business Visa Index 212 - Expire 60 days

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Our expatriates are having Multiple business visa for one year period and could be stayed in Indonesia maximum 60 days per visit. Last time they have entered Indonesia 13th Feb  and 01st March.

 Seek your advice if this unstable situation continues another few weeks (beyond their 60 days limit), what kind of procedures should be taken.

 Note : We observed an instruction document issued by Foreign Ministry, Indonesia that Regulation No 7 of 2020 is covered such situations and appreciate if you can refer same also.



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Regarding the current situation of ​the 2 TKAs, since they currently have the Multiple Entry Business Visa 212 and this visa allows them to stay in Indonesia for 60 days.

As what have been informed their 60 days stay will expire:
TKA1 - 30 April 2020
TKA 2 - 13 April 2020

If the situation is the same or worsen by the time their 60 Days stay will expire, here are the solutions we can provide for now:


Option 1: "Emergency Stay Permit/Izin Tinggal Darurat" :

On 28 February 2020 the statement from the Regulation of the Ministry and Justice and Human Rights no. 7 of 2020 was released. In the statment Chinese Nationals who are staying in Indonesia who are using short visit pass and their stay permit is about to expire were provided with 30 days extension since they were unable to return to their country.
For the newly released statment the updated letter will be released by 20 March 2020 for other foreign Nationals who are currently in Indonesia also and cannot return to their respective country due the current lock down and have short visit pass.

Option 2: "Statement Letter from the Respective Embassy addressed to the Local Immigration Office" :

The other solution we have is for the TKAs to request a Statement Letter from their respective Embassy in Indonesia addressed to the Local Immigration Office at the area where they currently reside. Requesting to grant the "Emergency Stay Permit" for them.

I hope I was able to provide answer to your question.

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