What is RPTKA? (Rencana Penggunaan Tenaga Kerja Asing)

What is RPTKA As a plan for foreign worker employment RPTKA is permission that local and foreign investment corporations must pass through first if they want to employ foreign workers

Key to be issued RPTKA?

As permission that local and foreign investment corporations go ahead first when they want to employ foreign workers, RPTKA is divided largely into three as the number of employees to be employed, position and place of work. Of the foregoing, number of employees varies according to the corporation’s business type, capital and the scale of business permission granted to the corporation, and as for position of employees, a foreign national is prohibited from being in charge of personnel management. To get permission for employees’ place of work, corporation should be issued RPTKA and recommendation letter for issuance of IMTA separately from a competent managing authority according to the address of workplace or business type.

What is a recommendation letter for RPTKA & TA01?

If a corporation conducts business in a specific area where resources such as mineral resources, electricity, oil and gas are generated, employees of the corporation can get a work permit from the Labor Administration only when they apply for work permit by receiving and attaching a recommendation letter issued from a government office managing ESDM (Energi Dan Sumber Daya Mineral), and there are business types that can receive a work permit after being issued a recommendation letter from the Education Office or the Indonesian Government according to the type of business.

Guidance on new legislation announced by the Labor Administration in 2015

From 2015, companies engaged in service industry can get one-year work permit limited to the representative, auditor and a committee member specified in the company’s bylaws, and all employees and advisor working in service industry can obtain six-months permission only.